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Growing Companies of Pakistan

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Telenor is among one of the vast growing companies in Pakistan. It is facilitating its users since from the day 1. Telenor Pakistan is the second largest mobile phone operator in the country, launched its services commercially in Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi on 15 March 2005. Telenor was the first who officially launched 4G in the country. Telenor has won a number of award including Prime minister of Pakistan Trophy award for the largest Direct Foreign investment. It has also been given the best place to work award and brand of the telecom industry award.

Pakistan telecommunication authority announced the successful migration of cellular mobile network numbers from 7 to 8 digits. In Pakistan, all mobile numbers started with 03 for local calls within Pakistan, while when you are dialing a call from abroad to Pakistan, single 0 at the beginning of the mobile number will be removed and you will dial +92 or 00 at the start from the specific mobile number.

Telenor also offers a wide range of call, internet and SMS packages to facilitate its users among them one is its microfinance bank named as easy paisa. Its benefit is that user of any mobile network can make an account on it by just downloading the application. The user of Telenor network as well as other mobile networks can subscribe and recharge through this app at discounted price and exciting offers.

Considering its outstanding mobile network services in an affordable cost, there is a lot of range for Telenor users for that Telenor is already being used in the country with different codes that are available in all the bigger and smaller cities in Pakistan. Many of cellular network (mobile users) service users love to have Golden mobile number which made on triple pair numbers or tetra numbers, these numbers are chosen by users due to different type of reasons e.g. they are easy to remember phone numbers are also marked as status symbol amongst different areas. You can get the golden number of your choice through Telenor Official Service Centers all over the country or Franchises made all over the country. Telenor sim can be obtained from all over the country from different retailers and company franchises by biometric verification of specific person sim is given to him and as soon as he enters the sim in the mobile phone the sim gets activated few years backs sim were not activated by biometric verification user just had to provide the copy of his national identity card to the retailer or the franchise from where they are buying the sim card. After this the sim was inserted in phone and a call was made to the help line there they use to ask your name cnic and other things after that sim was activated. As this method was not secure because different sim were registered using different ID cards of people without their knowledge the government used biometric verification method for all cellular network companies so that no sim could be used for an illegal purpose.

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